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COONAWARRA, South Australia Wine

Cabernet is king in Coonawarra

Coonawarra’s agricultural history began in the mid-1800s when settlers recognised the potential of the flat, fertile plains for sheep farming and fruit growing. Enterprising Scottish settler John Riddoch planted Coonawarra’s first grapevines in 1891, thirty years after establishing a lucrative sheep farm at Penola. Thanks to the work of pioneering work of people like David Wynn and Bill Redman today Coonawarra is, perhaps alongside Margaret River, Australia’s most famous cool-climate region for Cabernet Sauvignon.

The grape varietal has found a home in the terra rossa soils of Coonawarra, producing rich, firmly structured red wines that are renowned around the world. But the region is by no means a one trick pony, producing a diverse range of varieties and styles. And the established winemaking families have been reinforced by a new generation of winemakers in recent years, continuing the tradition of elegant cool climate winemaking and bringing the region to a new audience.

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